Product Management

The journey of a product from initial idea to market launch is exciting and challenging. My mission is to guide you on this journey and ensure your product vision becomes a reality. With a deep understanding of product development, I provide the tools, insights, and support you need to develop your desired solution.


Vision meets practice

A well-thought-out roadmap is the compass that guides your product development. It helps you to maintain an overview, set priorities and align your team towards common goals.

Define product strategy

Learn how to set clear goals based on market analysis and user research.

Create a roadmap

Learn how to develop roadmaps that allow room for adjustments without losing sight of the goal.

Set priorities

Learn the methodology for evaluating and prioritizing features and tasks that provide the most value for your users and your business.


The art of saying no

One of the hardest things in product development is deciding what not to do. By prioritizing effectively, you ensure that you and your team focus on what's important. Let me help you become a master of prioritization.

Prioritization based on data

Use quantitative and qualitative data to make informed decisions.

Tools and techniques for effective prioritization

From the RICE method to MoSCoW prioritization, we'll find the tool that best suits your project.

Stakeholder management

Balancing the expectations of different stakeholders while focusing on what is most important for the success of your product.

Iterative development

From MVP to the finished product

The lean startup approach and the concept of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) play a crucial role in modern product development. We guide you through the process of rapid prototyping, testing and iterative design to ensure your product meets the needs of your customers.

Collect feedback

Use customer feedback to continuously improve your product.

Iterative design and development

Adapt the product based on user data and feedback to increase product quality.

Scaling your product

Strategies to grow your MVP into a fully-fledged product.

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